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SMOOTH AND NUTTY : Authentic Cuban, raw cigar tobacco with extreme throat hit and earthy, nutty aftertaste. A true liquid tobacco cult with a connoisseur following. A liquid that is pushing the boundaries of the true cigar experience to a new level.
TOBACCOS: Superior Cuban tobaccos, hand blended in-house.
PRODUCTION: Three weeks cold steeping followed by a single cold press.
FILTERING: Two stage filtering, pure to 5 micron.
FLAVOURINGS: Tobacco Extracted / Organic Extracts
NICOTINE: Pharmaceutical quality certified nicotine 99.99% pure.
BASE: 50/50, USP/EP Monopropylene Glycol, USP/EP Vegetable Glycerine 100% rapeseed origin, GMO free.
NOTES: No added sugar, sweeteners, synthetic flavourings, or animal products have been used in the production of this liquid
PURCHASE OPTIONS: 1x 10ml / 5x 10ml / 60ml Not available for UK/EU




24 Reviews

  • 5
    Puros liquid tobacco

    Published by Roland Gerbeshi on 2nd Aug 2019

    This is the best NET cigar I have tested. And I have tested many. Clean cigar taste. Used both in pods and RDA. MTL and DL

  • 5

    Published by Jak PANTIN de la GUERE on 25th Mar 2019

    Hello, El toro liquid is really incomparable. an inimitable taste and what a taste. I tested several, my preferences are cigarillos puros and guevara (which unfortunately is no longer on sale for now), but Puros is really my fovorite, a strong taste of gigar hmmmm!!. it's really very upscale, packaging too. People in house of liquid are very responsive and friendly, I contacted the customer service by mail, late and I got my answer immediately. I live in Paris France and I could not vapot any other e-liquid than el TORO thank you

  • 5

    Published by Chris on 9th Jul 2018

    ElToro you just made possible the impossible! A pure tobacco leaf flavour for use vapers.. I ve been searching all over the world for this and as soon as I found you made my day! Thank you ElToro.

  • 5

    Published by Pete on 29th Jun 2018

    Top quality tobacco leaf flavor e-liquid…

  • 5

    Published by Eve on 20th Jun 2018

    ElToro you just won one life customer! For 4 years now I ve been trying different companies and yours are simply the finest. Congratulations!

  • 5

    Published by Thomas on 8th Jun 2018

    Vaping this eliquid can only explain how much effort and talent has been put on it! Well done!

  • 5

    Published by Jack on 24th May 2018

    Finally a pure Havana Cigar flavour! I have been trying similar flavours for a year now, from Good Juice to Black Note and HHV to Halo, this is the best eliquid you will get in the market.

  • 5

    Published by Rita Machin on 9th May 2018

    This is by far the best juice i have ever tasted. I will not buy my juice from anywhere else, if you try it you too won't go anywhere else. Outstanding i just wish you would put the juice in easy to use containers. Rita

  • 5
    Lovin' it

    Published by Sandra on 4th May 2018

    I never thought I could quit smoking cigarettes with a smile. Congratulations to the developers of this product. Keep it up! Now, I can see why prices differ form other companies, I am still happy to pay a little extra for such an excellent product.

  • 5

    Published by Jim on 20th Apr 2018

    Smooth flavour, lush smell and a great surprise. The best eliquid tobacco flavour ever.

  • 5

    Published by Pete. on 13th Apr 2018

    Another excellent NET from El Toro. Puros with its subtle nutty flavour, but not sweet, just perfect. As I have stated previously in a review for Cigarillos, El Toro NET's are for me the best bar none and I have pretty much tried all the available NET brands. Cigarillos has been my ADV for some time now but I think Puros might just have knocked it into second place. Long Live Georgio, Long Live El Toro!

  • 5
    Top Vape

    Published by Nick on 29th Mar 2018

    Puros has been my go to Vape for years now , always consistent and an excellent service from the guys , I'm never disappointed

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