Liquid Art & Pure Innovation
In 2012 El Toro was the first brand worldwide to introduce old wooden liquor barrels to mature and naturally infuse flavours and aromas to our liquids. Our first barrel, a wonderful 30 old METAXA Limousin oak. Nowadays, we are only making a very limited number of Reserves that are sold strictly on pre-order basis even before the barrels are emptied. From the barrel to your device. 
The El Toro Reserve concept remains today as one of our most innovative creations that inspired a number of brands across the world. A tribute to our brand legacy and a testimony to our passion for the extraordinary.
  • You can only purchased the Resrve products on PRE-ORDER.
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  • Please only add RESERVE products in your PRE-ORDER. 


  • Cigarillos Reserve Cigarillos Reserve

    Cigarillos Reserve



    Cherrywood Rum Barrel Cigarillos Reserve is matured for two months inside an old Cherrywood barrel that has been scraped and used for maturing Rum for over 20 years. It is a liquid designed exclusively for the connoisseur tobacco vaper...

  • Puros Reserve Puros Reserve

    Puros Reserve



    Jura Whiskey Barrel Puros Reserve is matured for two months inside an old Jura Whiskey Barrel used for decades in the production of the famous Jura liquor.  Designed exclusively for the connoisseur tobacco vaper, Puros...

  • 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel

    30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel



    Support our reduced plastic scheme Our superb 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) recycled PET Bottle with the eFunnel is easily refillable and it will last for months. No need for waste disposable plastic bottles. It is small in size with a fine nozzle and...