Our most precious creation
In 2012 HOUSE OF LIQUID was the first brand worldwide to introduce old wooden liquor barrels to mature and naturally infuse flavour and aroma to our liquids. Our first creation was the infamous GUEVARA RESERVE. Our first barrel, a wonderful 30 old METAXA Limousin oak! HOUSE OF LIQUID remained true to this concept even after the introduction of the TPD restrictions. Today, in order to comply with the protocol regulations we are only making a very limited number of liquids that are sold strictly on pre-order basis even before the barrels are emptied. To remain unaffected and legal, liquid and fresh air must not come in contact. From the barrel to your device. 
Liquid Art
The EL TORO RESERVE concept remains today as one of our most innovative creations that copied by many brands across the world, but never surpassed. A tribute to our brand legacy, and a testimony to the lengths we are going to offer you something as unique and extraordinary as the RESERVE.  
PLEASE NOTE: You can only purchased the RESERVE products on PRE-ORDER. We are notifying all our subscribers with a newsletter as soon as the PRE-ORDER is open. We sincerely recommend that you place your order as soon as you receive the newsletter. There is limited availability and we are normally sold-out within few days. Please only add RESERVE products in your PRE-ORDER. Every RESERVE order has FREE DHL Express worldwide shipping.


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