Authentic Tobacco Experience

Our Tobacco Extracted Bases are made the exact same way as all our El Toro range using the same fine tobacco blends. They are designed for DIY alternative liquids. Use them as a base for a tobacco blend, or to add an extra layer of background taste to your fine liquid creation. They are also great as a lighter ADV simply by adding nicotine shots. 

The El Toro N.E.T Bases are excelled when blending for the creation of connoisseur, heavy aroma pipe liquids. Simply add nicotine shots and your favoured aromatic flavourings. Since it's launch the range has become a must for the ex pipe users, and as such we have dedicate it to pipe vaping.

  • Cigarillos N.E.T Base

    Cigarillos N.E.T Base



    Legendary Cuban Our finest and most famous Cuban tobacco blend. Dry, with gentle aromas and superb acidic undertones that compliment fruity, minty, and tobacco flavours.   This is a 60ml slightly concentrated...

  • Puros N.E.T Base

    Puros N.E.T Base



    Smooth & Mighty  Bold and strong Havana blend with a deep earthy aroma and a natural nutty aftertaste. Superbly suited mixed with beverages and heavy sweet liquids.   This is a 60ml slightly concentrated...

  • 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel

    30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel



    Support our reduced plastic scheme Our superb 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) recycled PET Bottle with the eFunnel is easily refillable and it will last for months. No need for waste disposable plastic bottles. It is small in size with a fine nozzle and...