Exceptional Only

House of Liquid creates extraordinary liquids. It is not a device brand. We are not producing devices, nor are we experts selling them. Nevertheless, we do enjoy offering our customers a very limited number of exceptional devices that we believe are in harmony with our brand and your vaping lifestyle. Please be confident. Just as in our liquids, we feel responsible for every product in this category. Our brand name is our legacy. As such, we are testing every device thoroughly before it is offered to you. Even the descriptions are created based on our evaluation of the performance, looks, and quality.

  • 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel

    30ml (e-Flip & Click®) RPET Bottle + eFunnel



    Support our reduced plastic scheme Our superb 30ml (e-Flip & Click®) recycled PET Bottle with the eFunnel is easily refillable and it will last for months. No need for waste disposable plastic bottles. It is small in size with a fine nozzle and...

  • Puro Pods (2 PACK) Puro Pods (2 PACK)

    Puro Pods (2 PACK)



    Puro Cigar Pods The refillable and replaceable pods perform extremely well in our tests with our N.E.T El Toro liquids producing thick vapour and maintaining good flavour even after a full week of vaping and about 50ml of liquid...

  • Puro Cigar Puro Cigar

    Puro Cigar



    Modern Cigar The Puro Cigar is a superb quality, modern e-cigar that combines in perfection a high tech interior with a stylish cigar look, all wrapped in real leather. The Puro Cigar is a perfect device to go out, for dinner...