Taste is subjective, quality it is not
Pure natural extracts, no added sugars, no sweeteners, no synthetic flavours, and the finest bases available. There isn't much more we can say about the ORGANICO, the above statements speak for themselves. We certainly cannot force your taste buds to like it, yet we can create something so pure and superior, that becomes the signature of the future.
10 years old and we still remain fiercely unique 
By 2015, HOUSE OF LIQUID had developed registered Organic flavourings. Combined with Organic Glycerin, we aimed to create the first registered Organic e-liquid concept range in the world, under the name PAPPILON ORGANIC. Considering that our products met all the required Organic standards, we were faced with unjustified snobbishness and negativity from the Organic authority. The true question however cannot be stopped by any Organic authority, and remains the same today as it was back in 2015: Can an e-liquid be really Organic? The ORGANICO concept is simply pushing the boundaries towards it.
PLEASE NOTE: All ORGANICO are SHORTFILLS (SF). Every product comes with a main 60ml bottle partially filled with 40ml/0mg of liquid. In addition, 2x 10ml nicotine shots are included. There are a number of options to choose. Simply add the 2x 10ml to the main large bottle, shake it, and it is ready for vaping.


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