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CRISP APPLE INFUSION: The dry, earthy taste of the White Burley is the perfect base for extracts and flavours while always remaining a true liquid tobacco. The apple is delicate and appears as an aftertaste adding a touch of aroma and unparalleled freshness. 
TOBACCOS: Air-cured White Burley tobacco from the Central Kentucky region in US. A naturally occurred evolution plant, with higher nicotine content but much less sugar from the traditional Virginia variety. White Burley tobacco It is used almost entirely in cigarette blends for the most famous American and European brands. 
PRODUCTION: Three weeks cold steeping followed by a single cold press.
FILTERING: Two stage filtering, pure to 5 micron.
FLAVOURINGS: Tobacco Extracted / Organic Extracts
NICOTINE: Pharmaceutical quality certified nicotine 99.99% pure.
BASE: 50/50, USP/EP Monopropylene Glycol, USP/EP Vegetable Glycerine 100% rapeseed origin, GMO free.
NOTES: No added sugar, sweeteners, synthetic flavourings, or animal products have been used in the production of this liquid
PURCHASE OPTION: 1x 60ml filled with 20ml + 4x 10ml included.

7 Reviews

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    Published by Maria on 26th Feb 2023


  • 5

    Published by Rob Stobbs on 14th Nov 2022

    Eden was THE liquid for me. I adored it back in 2014 when I first tried it and stayed with it for a long while. There isn’t a great deal that needs to be added to the above review apart from reinforcing the comments about the Apple. When I was growing up on the family farm, there was an Apple Orchard, every year we would gather the apples and then store them in a shed on specially designed Apple Racks. The glorious aroma was something which has stayed with me for some 50 years. Opening a bottle of “Eden” and having a gentle sniff, transports me straight back to the Apple Shed, it really is that good. The flavours in “Eden combine in a magical way and it is a blend of which I could never tire. Over the subsequent years I have tried numerous other houses Tobacco and Apple blends, but no one has ever captured the experience as well. As a footnote, if vaping this in the Car, the beautiful aroma of Apple will greet you when you return the next day. There you go Georgio, will we see an “Eden” Car Air Freshener I wonder? SO.... Once I had spoken to Georgio and expressed interest in Fusion, I became extremely excited at the prospect of trying this new take on my personal favourite from the El Toro Range. Yes, there was a degree of trepidation as I prepared my Flash e Vaper 4.5, but I really should have trusted Georgio's words of wisdom. Fusion changes things up with the replacement of Cuban Tobacco with the excellent White Burley which for me, improves the already superb combination of Tobacco and Fresh Apple. The White Burley, whilst distinct in its own right, seems to enhance the taste experience in the most addictive way! The original Eden was tremendous, but for me at least, Fusion has elevated things to the next level, something that i had believed to be impossible, how wrong can a person be? Another incredible Liquid from my favourite Brand.

  • 5
    Excellent flavour .. You did it again))

    Published by Salavat on 16th Jun 2020

    I've been using Eden for years. It instantly became my favourite flavour for everyday use, so I happen to sample Fusion, nicely added to my order. Delicate, balanced and very pleasing taste. I am switching from Eden to Fusion))

  • 4

    Published by Anders Krøyer on 10th Apr 2020

    I just tried the fusion short fill, I normally vape custards and cigarillo from HOL, but Fusion was a nice surprise, after one month of steeping it became super smooth and fresh, the apple taste is just right, I think I found a new daily vape.

  • 4
    I like this liquid mix with the Eden,

    Published by JMC on 7th Dec 2019

    A little to sweet for me alone, but perfect mix with Eden ( 1/3 Fusion - 2/3 Eden)

  • 5

    Published by Jorge on 16th Sep 2019

    Un excelente líquido para vapear

  • 5

    Published by paul sayer on 17th Jun 2019

    My adv has been cin cookie for the past 5 years and not really got on well with the tobacco range e liquids. I would like to thank the team for sending me a sample of fusion and to my suprise i'm thoroughly enjoying it. The crisp apple over the top of the tobacco is the perfect blend' Not sure how you do it but another masterpiece, well done team I can now rotate a tobacco flavour with cin cookie and frozen orange

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