Cuban Puros Liquid Tobacco Base 0mg - 100ml

Cuban Puros 
Bold and strong Havana blend with a deep earthy aroma and a natural nutty aftertaste. Superbly suited for beverages and heavy sweet liquids with a twist.
After popular demand we are now using 120ml bottles for our Bases. You still get 100ml of liquid, but you also have space to add nicotine shots, flavourings and boosters 
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5 stars out of 5

Puros liquid

Rory on 16th Mar 2020
I have tried many liquids and this is the nearest I have found to real tobacco. For me, not quite cigar-like but a fair Marlboro substitute. I will continue to use it and recommend to my friends. Better value if you buy the 60ml bottles and add your own nicotine.
4 stars out of 5


Auday Khalaf on 28th Dec 2019
Certainly better than the Cuban Cigarillos... I wouldn't just give it the 5 stars as I have tasted a more intense Havana Cigar Liquid that was a little more authentic. This one though was good enough.
4 stars out of 5


Francis Bonnet on 2nd Dec 2019
Very good allday
5 stars out of 5

Cuban Puros Liquid Tobacco Base

Giorgos on 15th Sep 2019
Very rich and smooth at the same time, original cigar taste. You can combine with 5 drops of orange organic per 3 ml or any other taste.
4 stars out of 5


Ruslan on 15th Sep 2019
In my opinion this is a smokier and more distinct taste of a cigar than PUROS. Constant vaping is the best choice and calm.
5 stars out of 5

Cuban Puros Liquid Tobacco Base

Roland Gerbeshi on 2nd Aug 2019
Nice clean cigar taste just as it is.

I mixed up three 10 ml testers.
Added a hint of vanilla in one
Added some of my DIY NET Romeo & Julietta in one
Added some of my DIY NET Tuscan Cigar in one.

They all taste wonderful.

This base can br used
5 stars out of 5

Viva la Puros!

Mikhail on 30th Jun 2019
Since 2014 Puros was my favorite e-liquid. Nutty, smooth taste of cuban cigar... simply perfect. Only one thing makes me use Puros from time to time. A little bit on the pricy side...
For now i have Puros base as my ADV. Just a little bit of nic, and vape Puros, just the best Puros as always.