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LEGENDARY CUBAN  : Outstanding Cuban tobacco famous around the globe as the milestone of all tobacco liquids. Dry and raw authentic tobacco experience made with real Cuban tobacco leaves of exquisite quality.
TOBACCOS: Superior Cuban tobaccos, hand blended in-house.
PRODUCTION: Three weeks cold steeping followed by a single cold press.
FILTERING: Two stage filtering, pure to 5 micron.
FLAVOURINGS: Tobacco Extracted / Organic Extracts
NICOTINE: Pharmaceutical quality certified nicotine 99.99% pure.
BASE: 50/50, USP/EP Monopropylene Glycol, USP/EP Vegetable Glycerine 100% rapeseed origin, GMO free.
NOTES: No added sugar, sweeteners, synthetic flavourings, or animal products have been used in the production of this liquid
PURCHASE OPTIONS: 1x 10ml / 5x 10ml / 60ml Not available for UK/EU


53 Reviews

  • 4
    best juice, worst packaging

    Published by Paul on 6th Mar 2019

    By far, the best juice I've ever vaped. I've been a returning custmer since the houseofliquid days. However, the packaging is over the top, unnecessary, and wasteful, in my opinion. It could have the simplest of packaging but it would still be the best juice. After moving to this new site, the price increased and the packaging got crazy. I suspect that these are related. OTOH, there are frequent offers, e.g. 3 for the price of 2, so obviously no complaints about that. 5 stars for the juice minus 1 star for the packaging and the nauseating site design.

  • 5

    Published by Luke Davies on 5th Mar 2019

    This is my goto e-liquid. It is by far the nicest and authentic tobacco flavoured liquid I have found on the market. The packaging is a little excessive, but the product cannot be faulted!

  • 5

    Published by Hans on 3rd Jan 2019

    This is the reason i quit the sigarett

  • 5

    Published by Spiros Kokkinos on 29th Oct 2018

    My only e-liquid for the past 5 years, although I have tasted at least 50 of them !

  • 5

    Published by Brian Melville on 14th Sep 2018

    Without doubt the finest e-liquids available in the UK. Great customer relations, too. Pity about all the unnecessary packaging. If only the wonderful Guevara was back, the review would get 6 stars. Brian Melville.

  • 5

    Published by Michael Billinger on 8th Sep 2018

    I'm so excited about this Liquid. I've been steaming for many years now and then again and again where I smoked again! I've always had something missing when steaming. With this liquid, I found what I was looking for. Real tobacco taste! 6 of 5 stars.

  • 5

    Published by Michael Billinger on 8th Sep 2018

    This liquid is really the best! In addition I have to say that my grandparents used to run agriculture and we have grown tobacco on 5 hectares. As a child I was always there when the still fresh tobacco was hung in tobacco shed to dry. And what can I say as Cigarellos tastes has smelled the still fresh tobacco. For me it's the only way to steam.Unfortunately, everything was 20 years ago. Usually I do not write any comments but that was worth it to me. The liquid is really so incredibly good. Many people do not even like fresh tobacco and that's why I wanted to write it again

  • 5
    Back to my favourite e-liquid, cigarillos

    Published by Spiros Kokkinos on 18th Jul 2018

    After several months without Cigarillos (I didn't know about the new site of Absolute Toro) I 'm vaping again Cigarillos, my favourite e-liquid for the last seven years (since I started vaping). And the quallity remains the same, seems even better (maybe cause I missed it too much). Keep up the good work !!!

  • 5

    Published by Mat on 9th Jul 2018

    It goes slightly over my budget but very good juice.

  • 5

    Published by Mark McCarthy on 3rd Jul 2018

    cigarillos should be on any tobacco lovers hit list, perfect balance and depth of flavours, with a superb use of sweetness that leaves you just wanting to take that extra pull on your pipe ,suddenly your other juices become redundant , superb

  • 5

    Published by Helen on 29th Jun 2018

    Tasting flavors other than tobacco while vaping isn't my cup of tea however I would recommend it to others who enjoy vaping and are looking for a coffee/caramel taste.

  • 5
    everything is said

    Published by simon on 25th Jun 2018

    It's my everyday liquid since 4 years. I have nothing to ad to the other reviews. It's the greatest taste. And what makes it even more attractive, it doesn't mess up your coil as fast as n.e.t. liquids usually do. I can vape 50 to 70 ml before changing wick! That's convenient...

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