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Sweet & Sour - Green Apple & Berries 

An exquisite blend of ripe berries and sour green apple organic extracts. Smooth and naturally refreshing. It takes its name by a unique characteristic: The natural golden colour of the liquid turns pure silver as you add the nicotine shots. 
  • This is a 30ml slightly concentrated liquid designed to be mixed with 30ml (3x 10ml) Nicotine Shots to produce 60ml of superior ready to vape liquid.  
  • It comes in a half-full, (60ml capacity) black glass bottle to be used as a vessel for mixing and storing your liquid. 
  • This product contains no nicotine, nor any other known toxic substances.
  • To the best of our knowledge this product has no international shipping restrictions
Flavourings: Natural / Organic Extracts
Base: 50/50, USP/EP Monopropylene Glycol, USP/EP Vegetable Glycerine 100% rapeseed origin, GMO free.
Notes: No added sugar, sweeteners, synthetic flavourings, or animal products have been used in the production of this liquid
Shipping: This product is shipping only to the EU/EEA and few selected destinations.