Puros Reserve is steeped for 60 days in an old Jura Whiskey barrel used for nearly 40 years for maturing the famous Jura liquor. Authentic Isle of Jura barrels are very rare and steeped in legends and history. Ours is purchased from Germany, and has crossed half of Europe to reach our Nottingham production facility.

Designed exclusively for the connoisseur tobacco vaper, Puros Reserve is a truly unique liquid with vapours that will linger in the air just like a good old cigar.  
Steeping elToro into liquor old oak barrels for long periods of time adds something very special to the liquid. The old wood works as a natural filter and it will absorb as much as 7% of the liquid, including certain colours and impurities. The liquid that remains becomes lighter in colour but refined and stronger in taste with a vicious throat hit. Certain elements such as a unique taste and the strong liquor aroma are also fused naturally. The result is simply outstanding.

90 production days, from tobacco leaf to a golden liquid drop. Just because taste maybe subjective, but quality is not.




This is a Pre-Order. You can purchase Cigarillos and/or Puros Reserve as normal but all paid Reserve orders will 

 ship on December 4th 2019.  



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Puros Reserve - Not Just For Christmas

Richard Hannam on 6th Dec 2019
I started vaping 7 years ago after many years of pipe smoking. As a result, I was always seeking out rich & robust e-liquids to mirror my pipe experience.

Most of the time I failed. Then I discovered House of Liquid & memories became reality!

Puros Reserve is only one of the range that satisfies but, oh my goodness, how well it does that.

This isn't one for the big lung hitters who use high VG, low nicotine juices at high wattages to produce massive clouds. They'd probably pass out if they did - especially as the 10ml bottles have a fixed nicotine content of 10mg! Anyway, this isn't how a pipe or a cigar are smoked anyway. Not normally for sure.

No, this is a juice for gentle puffing, savouring, tasting, smelling in the air & just simply enjoying a sublime experience For this juice, I brought out one of my older tanks which leans more towards mouth to lung vaping. Then I installed a 0.9ohm coil, savoured Puros Reserve at 18 watts and quickly returned to the days with my Savinelli pipe - without the associated health, cost, decorating & burnt shirt issues!

It's not an all day vape, it's a treat a few times a day if you wish with a cup of coffee, or after meals, or with your favourite tipple. It's entirely up to you.

Now, some will say it's a very expensive juice. I don't judge products on their price. I judge them on overall value for money. And you also have to consider the fantastic pre & post sale support from HoL. You want some advice before buying? Just phone or email & you'll get an honest, professional & friendly response. They really want you to be a happy customer.

So there you. My after Christmas lunch pipe or cigar experience is fully sorted - provided I don't use up all my Puros Reserve in the meantime. Clearly, I need to keep some in Reserve!
5 stars out of 5

Grown up stuff

Nick on 14th Sep 2019
I ordered a bottle of Puros Reserve about a year ago. When I opened it, I found it a bit too strong and carried on vaping my Puros Dark. Just under a year after buying it, I found it and tried it again. I was blown away! This was possibly the nicest thing I had vaped. Puros, with a gorgeous earthy, oaky taste that had smoothed right out from that first taste I had. I'm not suggesting anyone wait that long to try it after buying it (hehe), old liquid can taste oily, this one didn't though. I find some HoL liquids do benefit from being opened and aired out now and then for a few days before vaping. Puros Dark is similar, I just forgot about the bottle of Reserve. Delighted to see it in again, I'll be ordering more. Thanks HoL!