PUROS DARK - 5x10ml



Authentic Cuban tobacco blend with a touch of exquisite coffee and chocolate extracts. A true liquid tobacco statement. Sleek, sophisticated taste balanced to perfection. 

Tobacco Base: Superior Cuban tobaccos blended and matured.

Base Filtering: 5 Micron

Packaging: 5x10ml bottles in a luxurious box


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5 stars out of 5

Best tasting tobaccos

Bengt Ström on 13th Jan 2020
After having had big troubles keeping this liquid from leaking I found a tank and coil that works well and now the Puros Dark has become a new favorite. I can't describe the different tastes but it all comes together in a very satisfying vape. It is clearly stronger than the Puros but after having gotten used to it, it is now my preferred and number 1 tobacco, slightly after Puros. They both are as close to the best real tobacco flavors I have ever tasted.
5 stars out of 5

Mmmm... nice

Nick on 14th Sep 2019
Puros Dark has been my main choice for a few years now. I still smoke roll ups but vaping has helped me cut down and after trying many liquids and not being keen on sweet flavours, I found House of Liquid juices were the ones for me. The tobacco is complemented nicely by the coffee and chocolate. You can hardly taste them but they add to the mix to create a fine balance and a nice dark vape. I use an mini protank, I'm not really into blowing clouds but I imagine it's lovely in any device. If you are looking for a tobacco liquid, this is not to be missed.
5 stars out of 5

Quality Product

John on 14th May 2019
Very strong and rich flavor, ideal for lovers of tobacco. It can be used as a concentrate with base liquids to make it last longer. Definitely value for money, a fine liquid. As an ex smoker I take some convincing but this hits the spot. Keep it up.
5 stars out of 5

Prorus Dark

Ian Baldwin on 17th Feb 2019
Lovely rich dark and smooth flavour and very easy on the coils which is a nice change from some of the Net tobacco eliquids out there.
I've been using this one for many years and have yet to find an equal to it.
5 stars out of 5

Best vape juice on market

Lucy on 27th Aug 2018
Puros Dark is by far the best vape juice on the market. It’s rich flavour of real tobacco, coffee and chocolate makes it a dream to vape. If you love strong flavour then I can highly recommend the Toro range.
5 stars out of 5


William on 9th Jul 2018
This is a piece of art! I felt chocolate, coffee, nuts and honey in the background.
5 stars out of 5


Lydia on 29th Jun 2018
Rich flavor, great after taste, an amazing juice! Perfect!
5 stars out of 5


Fin on 8th Jun 2018
The Everest of eliquids! Searching for the best always brings you the best…I can enjoy vaping in every occasion of the day and enjoy it equally thanks to the creators.
5 stars out of 5


Seth on 24th May 2018
Although my device does not exactly love this eliquids, it is my personal all time favourite and the best flavour this company produces.
5 stars out of 5


josh on 4th May 2018
This flavour has great compatibility with my mod. It produces excellent vapour, it has a great taste and it's suitable for all day vapers. Having tried all el toro eliquids in the past, this one has a less strong tobacco taste to it.
5 stars out of 5


Colin on 20th Apr 2018
The way chocolate and coffee flavours blend and spike interchangeably or together in your palate is amazing! Quite unexpected and a great surprise, some more for me please…