PUROS - 60ml



Authentic Cuban, raw cigar tobacco with extreme throat hit and earthy, nutty aftertaste. A true liquid tobacco cult with a connoisseur following. A liquid that is pushing the boundaries of the true cigar experience to a new level. 

Tobacco Base: Superior Cuban tobaccos blended and matured.

Base Filtering: 5 Micron

60ml nicotine containing ElToro bottles only available to non-EU customers due to TPD regulations
Misplaced 60ml orders will be replaced with 5 x 10ml bottles
60ml 0mg bottles are available to EU customers

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5 stars out of 5


Ruslan on 15th Sep 2019
That case when you get absolutely thick steam of a delicious cigar. This is very exciting.
5 stars out of 5


Mikhail on 14th Sep 2019
Quit from smoking in 2011 with e-cigs. Almost 3 years i despiratly looking for good tobacco e-liquid. And finally found it as Puros, I always recommend Puros for all my friends who wants to switch to vaping. Start with 10-15 mg nic, and you'll never get back to smoking.