PURO eCigar

elToro PURO eCigar by Pavinno
The elToro PURO is a superb quality, modern eCigar that combines in perfection a high tech interior with a stylish cigar look, all wrapped in real leather.

It is a refillable, rechargeable, fully power regulated device without a single button. Everything is controlled from your smart phone in the most brilliant and easy way we have seen in any device. Simply download for free the Pavinno app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and your PURO will connect as soon as you take the first puff. You can change the power as you are vaping, and the device will lock as soon as it is out of range of the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone and around your supervision, making it very safe being in a household with kids.

The refillable and replaceable pods/tanks perform extremely well in our tests with our NET tobacco elToro liquids producing thick vapour and maintaining good flavour even after a full week of heavy vaping and over 50ml of liquid. Please note that they are 100% leak proof and in the over a month tests we perform we didn't even noticed any moisture let alone leaking.

The build-in 1450mAh battery in our hands lasted for 6 hours on 20Watts power and very heavy vaping, while on 16Watts and lighter use lasted over 24 hours.

The elToro PURO eCigar is a perfect device to go out, for dinner parties and soirees. It performs brilliantly and has heaps of style. You are going to fall in love with it, just as we did.

Size: 128mm*26mm*26mm
Battery: 1450mAh built-in battery.
Temperature: 100-315℃

Pods: Ceramic & SS316L
Capacity: 2ml
Power: 5-50W(0.2ohm), 5-20W(0.8ohm)

The elToro Puro comes with:
1 X Puro
1 X Ceramic Pod
1 X SS316 Pod
1 X Magnetic stand charger
1 X User Manual

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5 stars out of 5

eCigar Review

Mikael Rajamäki on 20th Apr 2019
I have now smoked the eCigar for 3 days and its really god.
I have been vaping many years and have many different mods and have been using
rebuildable atomizers, but this is really easy, just fill the pod and vape.
I have now been vaping about 10ml Puros Dark and the taste is still perfect.
5 stars out of 5


Jak PANTIN de la GUERE on 25th Mar 2019
Very nice and great class.
when i received it i was unable to charge, i contacted the house of liquid customer service, i got an answer immediately and everything worked directly.
I could not test the Android application because I am beta tester Androiq Q and the application does not launch on it.
I recommend this product
very easy to use
5 stars out of 5


Dave on 14th Dec 2018
At first glance I though this was an overpriced disposable cigar like the old Havano House of Liquids cigar.
But it's not! It is an actual re-usable pod system.
Very practical and easy to use on the go, top quality and very reasonable price for this type of vape device.
5 stars out of 5


Tom F, Leeds UK on 14th Dec 2018
Having used and loved all the ElToro cigars from the House of Liquid days I decided to order the new Puro even though I don't really need it. I am not a person that normally writes reviews but I am so impressed by this eCigar that I feel obliged to share my thoughts.
Firstly this is not a main device for me, it has a 1450 battery that cannot last me all day. As a second device to take out though, is super. The quality, simplicity, and looks of this £45 device is unbelievable, I say it's better than my £120 main device in every aspect. The child lock is just genius. The performance of the pods is par with my Nautilus in both flavour and power. I tried both, the 0.2 and the 0.8 and they are both excellent but the 0.2 suits me better.
I've been vaping for almost 4 years and I never had a device before that three people in a single night out asked me to have a look! Great job guys