The Benchmark of all Liquid Tobacco

In 2009 EL TORO was the first brand worldwide to create Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids. Every golden drop of EL TORO is made with some of the finest Cuban tobaccos and requires a month of production. 

Natural in Every Way

The EL TORO production was inspired by traditional olive oil presses and has a few simple principles; No arteficial flavourings and no added sugars. Simply authentic liquid tobacco experiance without glogging and loss of taste. 

  • Cigarillos UK Cigarillos UK

    Cigarillos UK



    Legendary Cuban Outstanding Cuban tobacco, famous as the 1st commercially created N.E.T liquid worldwide, and the milestone for all tobacco liquids. Dry and raw, an authentic Cuban tobacco experience. This is a 30ml slightly concentrated...

  • Puros UK Puros UK

    Puros UK



    Strong & Smooth Authentic Cuban, dark, raw, and powerful cigar tobacco with extreme throat hit and an earthy and nutty aftertaste. A true connoisseur liquid tobacco with a cult following.  This is a 30ml slightly...

  • Eden UK Eden UK

    Eden UK



    Divine Apple Tobacco Outstanding blend of raw Cuban tobacco with a touch of a superb green apple organic extract. An extraordinary liquid with a mystique summer fresh quality that excites the senses. This is...

  • Brasileiro UK Brasileiro UK

    Brasileiro UK



    Coffee Infused The famous BLUE DE BRASIL organic coffee extract blended superbly with our finest Cuban tobacco base. Super dry and unsweetened. A pure connoisseur liquid tobacco experience for pipe lovers.   This is...

  • Minotor UK Minotor UK

    Minotor UK



    Vanilla Infused Exquisite organic extracts of vanilla and spices blended to perfection with raw Cuban tobacco. A symphony of taste for vanilla and tobacco lovers alike. It can be defined as an extraordinary pipe liquid tobacco.  This is...

  • Puros Dark UK Puros Dark UK

    Puros Dark UK



    Sleek & Dark Authentic Cuban tobacco blend with a touch of exquisite coffee and organic chocolate extracts. Sleek, sophisticated taste, balanced to perfection.  This is a 30ml slightly concentrated liquid designed to be mixed...

  • Fusion UK Fusion UK

    Fusion UK



    Kentucky Tobacco & Crisp Apple Infusion The dry and earthy taste of the Kentucky White Burley is the perfect base for extracts and flavours while always retaining its true tobacco character. The apple is delicate and appears as an...

  • Ghost UK Ghost UK

    Ghost UK



    Mild & Smooth, Raw Kentucky Tobacco  The Kentucky White Burley is the perfect base to add your own flavours while retaining a true tobacco character. On its own it's a wonderfully smooth and dry vape with earthly, neutral taste, and...