60ml bottles legally for UK and Europe
The SHORTFILLS (SF) version allowing UK and European vapers to legally enjoy some of the best Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids in large 60ml bottles. Every product comes with a main 60ml bottle partially filled with 20ml/0mg of liquid. In addition, 4x 10ml nicotine liquids are included. Simply add the 4x 10ml to the main large bottle, shake it, and it is ready for vaping.
The main large 60ml bottles have an easy clickable opening system on the nozzle making the whole process comfortable. Please note when selecting, the Final Nicotine Strength option indicates the desirable nicotine content of the finished liquid after you have added the 4x 10ml. In addition, all EL TORO SHORTFILLS once are mixed, are improving over time in both taste and aroma. 
All our EL TORO SHORTFILLS are real and authentic. The CIGARILLOS SF and PUROS SF versions are exactly the same as the CLASICO. Pure and raw N.E.T Superliquid.
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