EL TORO was created in 2009 and was the first brand worldwide to offer commercially Naturally Extracted Tobacco liquids. In a market dominated by sugary synthetic flavours, the authentic simplicity of EL TORO swiftly attracted a large international loyal following. Over the years, El TORO grew to become possibly the most famous liquid tobacco brand in Europe and beyond.

Less is more
The most important quality is to stay true to your principles, and EL TORO is steeped in principles. Many experienced vapers would tell you that it has remained unchanged. Strictly no artificial flavourings, no sugars. In 2014 we employed an old winemaker to eliminate the natural sugars from our tobacco liquids using live yeast. We did failed, but eventually we have partially succeeded by using powerful filtering and an in house secret to eliminate the natural sugars by 70%. Heat and sugars are after all responsible for the destruction of your coils. As a result, you can experience an authentic liquid tobacco without clogging and loss of taste.

Every drop of EL TORO requires a month of making
For every El TORO product we are using some of the finest CUBAN tobaccos blended in house. Our production method is inspired by traditional olive oil presses. Weeks of steeping followed by a cold press, and polished with powerful filtering. Every drop of El TORO requires a month of making is not a marketing statement. It is a fact.  

LEGAL WARNING: 60ml nicotine containing EL TORO bottles are only available to non-EU and non-UK customers due to TPD regulations. Misplaced 60ml orders will be replaced with 5x 10ml bottles. 60ml / 0mg bottles are however legally available to EU and UK customers.
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