Cinnamon Cookies Shortfill 60ml.



The most rich and luxurious warm cookies extract with a pinch of real cinnamon.  A wonderful, full bodied taste that you will fall in love with. 

Pure Extracts

All Pure Extracts liquids are made using 100% natural extracts instead of synthetic flavourings. 

Sugars & Sweeteners

All Pure Extracts liquids are made strictly without any added sugars and/or sweeteners.


This 60ml Shortfill bottle is filled with 40ml of concentrate. Add 2 x 10ml nicotine shots and the final volume becomes 60ml

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3 years now, life is sweet

Cafeine on 13th Nov 2019
3 years now, dedicated to Cinammon Cookies from HOL.
It is the only cookie style flavour that works 100% for me. Preferably with a bit of nicotine 3-6 is perfect.
Rich flavour, everyone instantly recognises the ingredients (for me that means that the recipe is simple and effective) .