Outstanding Cuban tobacco famous around the globe as the milestone of all tobacco liquids. Dry and raw authentic tobacco experience made with real Cuban tobacco leaves of exquisite quality.

Tobacco Base: Superior Cuban tobaccos blended and matured.

Base Filtering: 5 Micron

Packaging: 5x10ml bottles in a luxurious box


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5 stars out of 5

Cigarillos 20

Garry Martin on 15th Nov 2019
An absolute pleasure. Fully flavoured, yet nuanced with layers of spice that combine wonderfully with chocolate, wine and rich pastries.
5 stars out of 5


porl king on 15th Nov 2019
This is my favourite flavour of E-liquid by far - nothing comes close. I know it is a complex process to manufacture. I just wish there was some way of it being more affordable as an ADV instead of a treat. It doesn't help that I chain vape I guess. Maybe DIY concentrates - or zero mg shortfills - a subscription service ? I'm not suggesting the product isn't worthy of the price - because it is ! I just want to be able to vape it constantly.
5 stars out of 5


Anders Kroeyer on 25th Sep 2019
Cigarillos is for the 5th year my go to luxury vape. This is simply the best NET liquid money can buy, highly recommended.
Anders (Denmark)
5 stars out of 5


Alexandra on 13th Sep 2019
I was told about this liquid 7 years ago and it was a god send !

If you are looking for a real tobacco vape that takes away the cig cravings this is the one you want! I'm so happy that the house of liquid exists! Thank you so much
5 stars out of 5

My all day vape for 5 years running

Adam on 6th Sep 2019
I've tried to branch out and try other ejuice. I've got a huge collection of failed attempts. Nothing comes close, and for a few reasons.
In a practical sense, this is the only naturally extracted tobacco I've used that doesn't clog coils and spoil wicks.
Flavor is incredible. Its very complex, and best once a coil/ wick has kind of "worked in". It sometimes seems to change puff for puff. It evolves over the span of a tank, but always in a good way.
It goes well after meals, first thing in the morning, late at night, with drinks. Its a very trusty all day vape.
Yes its a bit steep, especially buying from Canada, but its truly worth it for me.
5 stars out of 5


Alejandro Rose on 30th Aug 2019
Best Wishes
4 stars out of 5


Sam Martin on 15th May 2019
Very Nice but not as I hoped ! After reading all the reviews I had to try for myself . I was hoping this was gonna be the ejuice that really did mimic a nice fag and reading that real tobacco extracts are used I had high hopes but I was slightly disappointed. Don't get me wrong it's one the best I've tried but to me it tastes almost like a mix of Halo popular Blend and Bread of Heaven minus the citrus notes . I have had more realistic tobacco vapes but they are usually cigar blends, vgod has a few good 1s and alchemist cupboard used have some really good 1s . Maybe mimicking a real cigarette can't be done but I'm still on the search . Will definitely buy again but still not a true cigarette
5 stars out of 5


Blake Carrier on 8th May 2019
5 stars out of 5


Giuseppe Panzella on 16th Apr 2019
5 stars out of 5


Gary on 2nd Apr 2019
I am so pleased that HOL are back producing first class liquids as i have never found any other juice as good as this one. If you are thinking of trying just go ahead and order you won't be disappointed , this is now my go to vape .
A real first class juice i will be trying others on here but no rush for me to do so , also i am MTL user this is very kind on coils . Thanks again for a real quality product and Customer service is second to none.
5 stars out of 5


Jak PANTIN de la GUERE on 25th Mar 2019
El toro liquid is really incomparable. an inimitable taste and what a taste. I tested several, my preferences are cigarillos puros and guevara (which unfortunately is no longer on sale for now).
it's really very upscale, packaging too.
People in house of liquid are very responsive and friendly, I contacted the customer service by mail, late and I got my answer immediately.
I live in Paris France and I could not vapot any other e-liquid than el TORO
thank you
4 stars out of 5

best juice, worst packaging

Paul on 6th Mar 2019
By far, the best juice I've ever vaped. I've been a returning custmer since the houseofliquid days. However, the packaging is over the top, unnecessary, and wasteful, in my opinion. It could have the simplest of packaging but it would still be the best juice. After moving to this new site, the price increased and the packaging got crazy. I suspect that these are related. OTOH, there are frequent offers, e.g. 3 for the price of 2, so obviously no complaints about that. 5 stars for the juice minus 1 star for the packaging and the nauseating site design.
5 stars out of 5


Luke Davies on 5th Mar 2019
This is my goto e-liquid. It is by far the nicest and authentic tobacco flavoured liquid I have found on the market.
The packaging is a little excessive, but the product cannot be faulted!
5 stars out of 5


Spiros Kokkinos on 29th Oct 2018
My only e-liquid for the past 5 years, although I have tasted at least 50 of them !
5 stars out of 5


Brian Melville on 14th Sep 2018
Without doubt the finest e-liquids available in the UK. Great customer relations, too. Pity about all the unnecessary packaging. If only the wonderful Guevara was back, the review would get 6 stars.
Brian Melville.
5 stars out of 5


Michael Billinger on 8th Sep 2018
This liquid is really the best!
In addition I have to say that my grandparents used to run agriculture and we have grown tobacco on 5 hectares. As a child I was always there when the still fresh tobacco was hung in tobacco shed to dry. And what can I say as Cigarellos tastes has smelled the still fresh tobacco.
For me it's the only way to steam.Unfortunately, everything was 20 years ago. Usually I do not write any comments but that was worth it to me. The liquid is really so incredibly good. Many people do not even like fresh tobacco and that's why I wanted to write it again
5 stars out of 5


Michael Billinger on 8th Sep 2018
I'm so excited about this Liquid.
I've been steaming for many years now and then again and again where I smoked again! I've always had something missing when steaming.
With this liquid, I found what I was looking for.
Real tobacco taste!
6 of 5 stars.
5 stars out of 5

Back to my favourite e-liquid, cigarillos

Spiros Kokkinos on 18th Jul 2018
After several months without Cigarillos (I didn't know about the new site of Absolute Toro) I 'm vaping again Cigarillos, my favourite e-liquid for the last seven years (since I started vaping). And the quallity remains the same, seems even better (maybe cause I missed it too much). Keep up the good work !!!
5 stars out of 5


Mat on 9th Jul 2018
It goes slightly over my budget but very good juice.
5 stars out of 5


Mark McCarthy on 3rd Jul 2018
cigarillos should be on any tobacco lovers hit list, perfect balance and depth of flavours, with a superb use of sweetness that leaves you just wanting to take that extra pull on your pipe ,suddenly your other juices become redundant , superb
5 stars out of 5


Helen on 29th Jun 2018
Tasting flavors other than tobacco while vaping isn't my cup of tea however I would recommend it to others who enjoy vaping and are looking for a coffee/caramel taste.
5 stars out of 5

everything is said

simon on 25th Jun 2018
It’s my everyday liquid since 4 years. I have nothing to ad to the other reviews. It's the greatest taste. And what makes it even more attractive, it doesn't mess up your coil as fast as n.e.t. liquids usually do. I can vape 50 to 70 ml before changing wick! That's convenient...
5 stars out of 5

The greatest!

Eddie on 20th Jun 2018
Cigarillos could make forget that I am actually vaping and not smoking a real cigarette…Highly recommended!
3 stars out of 5

Great liquid, the rest is annoying

Brendan on 19th Jun 2018
I've been vaping this stuff for about five years. It is extremely satisfying.
Over the last few years it would seem the producer of this fine product, has been finding new, more impractical and less cost effective ways to package their liquids at the expense of their customers.
If I were rating the liquid itself, it would be 5 stars without question.
I remember the classic 50ml squeezable bottles, those were the days. Then the shift to 10ml bottles, bottles which are a complete pain to fill a tank from.
The switch to greater inconvenience came with a price increase too.
Now more recently, these little inconvenient bottles are no longer supplied in a bag, but now a little cardboard canister which again has increased the cost to us, the consumer.
A sense of amusement is found in the design of these canisters which prevents them from being stacked for storage.
The hipster marketing oozing from this website, the excessive price point, cumbersome and wasteful packaging, it is all tainting the taste of the greatest vape I have come across.
I will be searching for an alternative product, something to replace what has been my daily vape for 5 years. Unfortunately, I'm doubtful I'll find a vape as satisfying, and will likely return to the hipster empire.
5 stars out of 5


Seth on 8th Jun 2018
My personal favourite flavour is cigarillos, it is authentic and suitable for all day vaping. After experimenting with many e-liquids this company is definitely the one. Cigarillos taste is rich and smooth as it ought to be living you with a true smokey after taste.
5 stars out of 5


Mark on 24th May 2018
This liquid is better and tastier that a real cigarette! By far the best I have ever tasted!
5 stars out of 5

Simply. The. Best.

Ben Payne on 15th May 2018
I was distraught when HOL stopped selling this, as Toro is all I vape for many years. But now, it’s back and as good or better than ever.
5 stars out of 5

By far the best tobacco eliquid

Marcello on 14th May 2018
Just as I had almost lost my faith in vaping I stumbled across this eliquid. By far the best tobacco tasting blend I have came across in all my research. The service is impeccable and you even get a free sample of 3 other eliquids (zero nicotine but you can add your own). Absolute quality juice, and not too sweet like most other brands, just a very tiny amount of sweetness and able to cope with it. Having the 15mg nicotine option is just right for me, I did find that 12mg was not enough and 18mg just too much. This is right, fulfilling and very smooth.
To the makers of this product, thanks for restoring my faith, I dreaded having to go back to real cigarillos.
5 stars out of 5


Eric on 4th May 2018
Great product and fabulous service, what more could you ask for?! Though not an experienced vaper, this juice is the best I've tried so far, it tastes like a cigarette without being overwhelming, to me, without being overly sweet which, to me, is the most important attribute. The bottle looks a little bizarre... but I can live with it.

5 stars out of 5


Erwin Kanninga on 30th Apr 2018
i love this liquid its my adv
5 stars out of 5


Jeff on 20th Apr 2018
The "happy juice", perfect round flavour with the perfect intensity. Undoubtely the best juice ever.
5 stars out of 5

The best tobacco eLiquid for real tobacco lovers !!

eric on 28th Mar 2018
Before talking about eLiquids, I want to say that behind those liquids there is a team but most of all there is a guy named Georgio. I've had the pleasure to communicate with him through emails and I have to say that very few people share that level of passion: I just feel it. I write an email to him at 11PM and I've got an answer half an hour after that. Spectacular! I answer his email and he will answer as well. Incredible! I mean, very few people do that. With him, it's not about business, it's about passion. I like to have that one-to-one relationship, it's unique and beyond business.

Now, Let's talk about eLiquids.
I don't want to denigrate other brands because there are good ones but not as good as "el toro".

First of all: I'm a tobacco lover, a real one and sorry but stawberry is not my thing. Did I smoke strawberries? No, I did not. Why should I change that? Is it possible to vape, stop smoking (or at least smoke less!) and feeling that you're still smoking. No, it's not possible because vapor is not the same as smoke which implies combustion (which is what kills people by cancer).

I've been vaping for almost 8 years (since september 2010) and I've tried eLiquids until I understood that my thing was N.E.T tobaccos, so I dug into it: Halo's (all of them), Blacknotes, Alice in Vapeland, TVap....and I've seen acceptable eliquids but never, really never the same quality as the "el toro brand". In my case, I only vape "el cigarillos", not because I don't like the others but because this is THE ONE that I enjoy the most and it's the easiest on coils (let's face it, I'm lazy with that).

"el cigarillos" is the only N.E.T eliquid that fools my minds and makes me think that I'm smoking, you heard well, smoking, not vaping. So, if you want to keep smoking not smoking, here's the answer: "el toro". I don't know what is that cuban tobacco he uses, I don't know how he does it but he does it. Right now, I'm vaping it and I never get tired of it. Georgio, youp're a magician!

What more could I say?
if you're into real tobacco, go for it, try 'em all and then choose. This is what I did.
if you're not into real tobacco, run, run as fast as you can, you won't like it a bit, it is may be what you want to forget: tobacco. I don't. I want the impossible: keep smoking without smoking. The best of all is that even if I want to smoke analogical cigarettes all day, I couldn't, right? it's impossible. What I can do is vaping "el toro", the way I want, when I want, where I want, all day long!

5 stars out of 5

real, fine, subtle and fulfilling

Jürgen on 27th Mar 2018
I vape the cigarillos now since 09/2012 every day !! So my AllDay! I ve not even, in my whole time as a vaper, found somehathing comparable. Then I got to know by mail, also the inventor of this Kration and got more and more understood that this is not just a business but also a passion! It's just been the same for many years, fine, subtle taste. Not a touch has changed in the recipe. If I have not even worked in my whole time as a Vaper, found something that works here with organic matter, then it is immediately clear to everyone how exactly this work has to be done to get such a constant. I can only be a tobacco lover advise to try these varieties. But you will never want to vape something else again, you have to be aware of that !!
Thanks for the liquid, and thanks for the new shop !!
5 stars out of 5

El Toro Cigarillos

Pete on 20th Mar 2018
Cigarillos is simply the best N.E.T. liquid available bar none! I have tried several others including the Black Note range, Red Vape range and Drakes and none of them compare. Also free tracked DHL delivery on orders over £24.99. This company (Georgio?) offers an excellent N.E.T. liquid and service to match. Just one request please don't run out of stock as i don't use anything else now as an ADV.
5 stars out of 5


Nikos Lampropoulos on 9th Mar 2018
The greatest liquids.
5 stars out of 5


Al White on 28th Feb 2018
I have been vaping seven years, Cigarillos is the only juice I can vape and enjoy day in and day out. thanks Georgio for the worlds best net tobacco.
5 stars out of 5

The finest of all tobacco liquids

Liam Davies on 19th Feb 2018
I've been vaping for 7 years now and this is the best liquid I have ever tasted. It's pure quality, the closest to a cigarette taste you will ever find. The bottles which the liquid comes in are a genius design also, no mess and easy to fill your tank.
5 stars out of 5


Glen Harris on 12th Feb 2018
Made my first order with absolutetoro on Friday afternoon, arrived Monday, new branding and packaging looks very smart, good to read that they aim to always have stock, as it wasn't always the easiest to get hold of previously, look forward to making many more orders as cigarillos really is the best tobacco juice on the market
Good luck with the new site
Cheers Glen
5 stars out of 5

Mother of all tobaccos

Johan V on 8th Feb 2018
Five years I am vaping and five years I haven't manage to find a liquid to replace Cigarillos. I can say without any doubt that is the mother of all tobacco liquids. Nothing comes close. It is a difficult liquid to find and if there is one thing that I want from this new website is to have it in stock always. It is soul destroying to wait with the mobile in your hand waiting for the back in stock email.
I heard that the website would run by eBaron (Georgio). If that is true you have got a customer for ever.
Please keep Cigarillos in stock all the time
Good luck