Caramel & Cream Shortfill 60ml.



Exquisite rich Caramel and Cream natural extracts blend. Genuinely smooth and naturally sweet without extra sugars or artificial flavourings. 

Pure Extracts

All Pure Extracts liquids are made using 100% natural extracts instead of synthetic flavourings. 

Sugars & Sweeteners

All Pure Extracts liquids are made strictly without any added sugars and/or sweeteners.


This 60ml Shortfill bottle is filled with 40ml of concentrate. Add 2 x 10ml nicotine shots and the final volume becomes 60ml

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5 stars out of 5

caramel cream

paul sayer on 25th Mar 2019
I have to say that the ability to make it taste/feel sweat without any sugar on the inhale is a credit to house of liqiud.
It has a dry exhale which makes it a all day vape without becoming sickly.
My every day vape for the last 4 years is cin cookie and its nice to switch it up a bit now.
Good job
5 stars out of 5

Creme caramel

Rachel Bush on 21st Mar 2019
Excellent liquid, I used to vape this years ago and loved it, but then the place I bought it from stopped selling it and I was gutted, tried other various Carmel liquids but they are no where near the quality of this one, it’s so easy to vape and the flavour is outstanding I am so happy I can now vape it again, well done